What Do Termites Look Like? Information About Termites And Pictures

What Do Termites Look Like? – It is a little confusing to differentiate termites vs ants, which almost look like termites. Even they are sometimes by mistake called as flying ants. It is easy to identify because both of these leave their underground nests in huge numbers, as in swarming, when building new colonies. Also, these flying ants swarm in the same manner as the termites in the reproductive stage.

To separate one from the other, we can notice carefully their antennae, waist and wings. The ant’s antennae are turned like elbow while the termite’s antennae are not so. Also, the ant’s waist is not broad as much as of termite. And also the ant’s wings have less veins than the termite’s.Normally we are all in general aware of the infestation of these termites feed on wood in our houses but most of us don’t know about their variety of groups like soldiers, workers etc.

What Do Termites Look Like? Information About Termites And Pictures

What Do Termites Look Like

What Do Termites Look Like

The most prominent in number are the workers which are the ones that actually eat the wood. They are with soft bodies, circular heads and unlike other termites, they are void of wings. The worker termites are responsible of food for other groups, building their tubes and in case of need fight to protect others.

Other group is of soldiers which have some common characteristics with workers so far as their eyes and wings are concerned. They are a little different than workers as the workers have both undeveloped eyes while soldier have one. The soldiers have large rectangular heads that have big jaws or mandibles which differentiate them form workers as well. The soldiers are mainly responsible of defending the colony from predation or colony invasion by ants or termites from other colonies.

The last group is of male and female termites that have grown sexually mature and take part in reproduction. They can have and not have wings. The ones with wings or primary are called alates or swarmers and those without wings are called neotenic-both can produce offspring.

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Their body color varies from yellow brown to black. This group is lead by a pair of male and female primary reproductives, which are usually considered as the king and queen of the colony. The king and queen have usually long lives, which can expand to decades.

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