Types of Ants And There Are 11,880 Species All Over The World

Types of Ants , ants are so widespread that every time you make a step it is hard not to tread on one. They inhabit tropical rain forests and desserts, your kitchen and backyard. There are 11,880 species and the mass of ants all over the world exceeds the number of human beings. Let’s examine the types of ants you are most likely to meet.

The carpenter ant you can usually find in your kitchen looking for food. The ants living in your house come from a colony called satellite which originates from the parent colony locating outside the house. These ants are called carpenter because they build their nests in the old wood and make passageways through it.

Types of Ants And There Are 11,880 Species All Over The World

Types of Ants And There Are 11,880 Species All Over The World

Types of Ants And There Are 11,880 Species All Over The World

One of the most dangerous types of ants is called the fire ant which got its name because it leaves the burning sensation after stinging. These ants are able to attack and kill small animals and sometimes humans. Some people are allergic to fire ants’ stings. They set up their nests in the soil. Ants leave and enter them through many holes and cracks.

Western harvester ants inhabit the west of the United States. The distinctive feature of these ants is the shape of the nest. It is a mound up to 4 feet wide 10 inches high. Before building their nest western harvester ants clear out the place to make the sunlight reach their nest as much as possible.

In hot and dry regions of Australia, North America and Africa live honey pot ants. You can distinguish them by their abdomen. Honey pot ants is one of the edible types of ants. In some regions people consume them as a delicacy.

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Weaver ants got their name because they build their nest by weaving the leaves together. With the help of silk producing larvae the sew the leaves.

Odorous ants can be found all around the United States. They nest in soil or under the debris. Sometimes they are met indoors, in the cracks of walls, in moist areas. When the odorous ant is crushed it produces disgusting smell similar to that of a rotten coconut..

Ghost ants are called in such a way because they are difficult to notice. Their heads and thorax are dark but legs and abdomen are transparent. Their nests are situated in tree cavities, under the round and loose bark.

Besides, there are many other types of ants, for example, pharaoh ants, lawn ants, bulldog ants. If ants occupy your house, it will be very difficult to get rid of them.