7 Tips To Optimize Your Website SEO Friendly For E-Commerce

7 Tips To Optimize Your Website SEO Friendly – want to create a website SEO Friendly?  If you have an E-Commerce website you certainly want your website is visited by many people? Making a website popular with ads are practical steps that can common people did, but did you have a lot of budget for the future? Yes, SEO Really not die? However, you must understand SEO technique itself?

Okay at this time I am going to share some tips that might help you in improving SEO On Your Website!

7 Tips To Optimize Your Website SEO Friendly

Tips To Optimize Your Website SEO Friendly

Tips To Optimize Your Website SEO Friendly

1. Check out back end capabilities

Owners of e-commerce are fond of holding a flash sale program must have adequate back end. The system’s performance indirectly affect consumer interest when accessing the site, especially in large quantities at the same time. Program flash sale usually be the right moment to test the readiness of an e-commerce site.

Usually, the program makes the site more difficult to access because it requires additional time to display the asset from the server to the user’s


2. Optimizing mobile applications

Now almost 90% of People Accessing Information Through Smartphone, and one of them is for online shopping. Make sure that your site is mobile friendly.You can check through some tools like : search.google.com  ,  developers.googl or you also can check the speed of your website : testmysite.thinkwithgoogle


3. Website should be responsive and interactive

Site appearance is a very important aspect for an e-commerce. The more attractive appearance, the longer consumers will visit the site. Usually, consumers will be attracted by the use of bright colors are not just one. In addition, there are objects or designs appealing a memorable consumer.

Not only attractive, e-commerce sites must also have a minimum loading time, because 50 percent of consumers wish they could access the site in full in less than 2 seconds.

Sites should also be interactive, which is visible when the user will provide a variety of commands, from opening the catalog and search for products, to the payment system, regardless of the platform used, including via a mobile app or browser.


4. The image is very important

According to Akamai, 63 percent of e-commerce consumers are interested in buying products online for viewing pictures. The problem is when a website has too many image assets, bandwidth will be larger, automatic loading time will be longer, and this can make the customer cancels the intention to shop.


5. Protect your site from DDoS attacks

DDoS cyber attack trends is increasingly prevalent, and this phenomenon does not only occur on certain services. E-commerce is one of the services that often gets DDoS attacks, especially on a flash sale program.

Hackers exploit loopholes traffic from massive discounts to launch an attack that could make the data stream can not afford an internal server bandwidth. The fix is in cooperation with a third party that has the infrastructure is more qualified to stem the attacks.


6. Use Theme The Elegant

Using elegant and modern theme is a common way to make customers comfortable and attracted to  always visit your website


7. Ask your Website Review By Blogger

You might ask the Bloggers for the review of your product. Why this should be done? In addition to giving confidence to the consumer you can also get backlinks from them!