Termite Treatment Cost- How to Determine Total Cost Involved

Termite Treatment Cost – As a home owner, you may be shocked with the amount of damage that termites can do and how much an average Termite Treatment cost will be. These bugs are smaller than a centimeter in length but the amount damage a single termite can do far outweighs its small size. If there is one termite in your walls, there are thousands you don’t see.The worker termites are the ones who eat the wood to provide nourishment for the rest of the colony in the nest, and as most these termites make a home in your foundation and can really wreak havoc on the wooden joist in your home’s sub floor and walls. Termites eat wood and cellulose (wood fibers)material. They’re especially attracted to moist or damp wood and hide in dark or places. This is why it is imperitive you do not have any standing water, working down spouts draing water aways from your home and no wood to ground wood contact. This is where and how termites enter into your home, They need a front door. This will get them in the foundation where a colony can begin. Drywood Termite burrow directly into the wood by borrowing through the material and making trails via the wood that will weaken the wood itself .

Most locations in your home might be targeted by termites within a typical home would be the wooden beams and foundation cribbing, around window , sub flooring, and king and jack studs. It can be very stunning and even shocking the first time you find a termite or find damage of termites . The first Step in saving your home or out building is educating yourself. Know what to search for and how it may enable you to come up with the best termite treatment. This will not only stop the termite it will save your home in the long run . Subterranean Termite are with out a doubt the worst. Don’t let your self be surprised regarding the amount of damage a termites can do. Working with pest specialist need to understand that when you’ve got termites, they are literally eating your home and you have to take action immediately.

Termite Treatment Cost- How to Determine Total Cost Involved


Termite Treatment Cost

Termite Treatment Cost


Types of Termites

Eastern subterranean termite
Formosan subterranean termite
Drywood Termites

 Termite Treatment Cost by type

A chemical extermination This treatment is  priced by the linear foot, which prices usually start around $5.00 a foot . If you are just having  spot treatment or a preventative measures this will  cost  you around $200 to $300. Which is a bargain if it saves your home. For a full on termite infestation for your whole house that includes drilling hole around the perimeter and also drilling into interior wall and foundation blocks the price of a  termite treatment cost would be in a normal situation about $1000 to $1500 for a total   treatment cost. This would only be a estimate as all home are not the same and prices will vary from the east coast to the west. In most cases the whole treatment should only take a couple of hours. This does not include annual follow up treatments , that will be necessary.

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What to Look for

  • Discarded wings found around your home. Left from swarming termites.
  • Mud tubes built for above ground travel and protection from the elements and light.
  • Termite droppings
  • Damaged wood
  • Weakened or sagging floor boards or intieor walls

Don’t be confused between ants and termites. Notice that the termites wings are equal lengths and the ants are off set.

Termite Facts

  •  Alaska is the only state that doesn’t have Termites
  • Their are over 50 different types of termites in the U.S.
  • Termites cause over $50 million dollars in damage each year
  • They have been around for 130 million years

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