Termite Control And Termite Prevention Information

Termite Control And Termite Prevention Information – Wooden homes are lovely. Standing on a wooden deck smelling pine on a summery day with a cold beer in your hand is a marvelous experience. However, there is one aspect of these wooden homes or even just wooden decks that isn’t a thrilling experience – termites! Fortunately, as with lice there are ways to exterminate control and prevent reappearance of these frustrating bugs.

Termites are minute, pale soft-bodied insects that live in colonies and feed off wood. This means one will more often than not find a mass of termites chewing on your wooden deck instead of just one or two. If this be the case, the best option is to call professional termite exterminators to help you with the infestation.

Termite Control And Termite Prevention Information

Termite Control And Termite Prevention Information

Termite Control And Termite Prevention Information

Termite professionals specialize in exterminating and controlling these loathsome bugs. They also offer support and ideas of different methods you can employ to control and prevent the return of termites. Nowadays all services can be found via a Google search and are usually quite efficient when responding to your call.

Contrary to popular belief, termite extermination is different to termite control. The same applies for termite control being different to termite prevention. The three terms will be discussed in detail below.

Termite extermination

Termite extermination is the actually eradication of the termites themselves. It is the fumigation of the house or particular outside area to ‘kill’ the termites, similar to a shampoo removing lice from a human head. This eradication should be conducted via pest control services in order to be most effective as the technicians have been trained to deal with these situations.

Termite control

When a termite extermination professional is called to your home to deal with the plague of termites, they will conduct two basic services: termite location and termite eradication (as discussed above). While the eradication deals with the actually elimination section of the procedure, the termite control aspect of the extermination process deals with identification of the termites and the choosing of the most effective extermination strategy.

There are various techniques the technicians may use in order to locate the source of the infestation. As termites are drawn to moisture it can be certain their hive will be based in a moist area of the house. Termite exterminators have been known to use instruments known as moisture meters to identify high moisture content in the walls and timber.

An alternative instrument to locate the insects is a termite sounding donger. This donger is a fiberglass rod with a small plastic ball at the end. Technicians will run it along the timber listening for alternating tones in the wood. A hollow sound indicates a termite infestation.
Once the termite infestation has been found, the most effective termite extermination technique will be chosen.

Termite prevention

Termite prevention follows the procedure of control and extermination. It refers to the preventative measures the homeowner can put in place to ensure he/she does not experience termite infestation again. Termite extermination professionals can provide ideas in this area but many options are available online. The majority involve a removal of wooden debris from your home.