Netflix Allow You To Stream With VR Headset Google

Netflix Allow You To Stream With VR Headset Google – Good news for you who like to watch a television series or a movie on Netflix. Netflix has just released application support for Virtual Reality (VR). For Android users who have Daydream VR headset, they can enjoy Netflix service through these devices.

However, the report mentions that the app in question is a different application of the Netflix app that already exists in Google Play Store.



With VR applications for this, Netflix subscribers can enjoy streaming video content is 36 degrees using VR headset from Google that.

Unfortunately, the new VR headset Daydream VR application that supports Netflix today. If possible, Samsung Gear VR and other VR headsets may support the Netflix service to the future.

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The swathe of virtual reality headsets that are due to be released in the coming year—like Oculus’s Rift, and HTC’s Vive—are essentially focused on the hardcore gaming market as they’ll be expensive devices that will require powerful PCs to run effectively. Quartz’s Alice Truong noted, however, that the Gear VR could be the device that brings VR to the mass market, as it costs only $99. And apps like Netflix could prove to be the reason you’ll want to get one.