How to Move Data from iOS to Android Devices

How to Move Data from iOS to Android Devices – want to move all your data from iOS to Andoid ?  To transfer all of your old data from  Android device to iOS is easy you don’t need any apps. Here you can transfer any data included very important like photos, videos and songs. Everything you can do it easily without requiring the help of others. You can do it yourself it is very possible.

Why do people today prefer Android than iPhone? Many people migrate from iPhone to Android because Android device is cheaper than iPhone, although there are some people who are very fanatical iPhone. But anyway it depends on your budget and your lifestyle today.

iPhone was very nice and sophisticated as well as compatible with modern societies, but because of the very high prices makes iPhone just hunted by the upper classes. While Andorid can be owned by anyone, including the bottom. I do not want to talk about the advantages of each platform, but today i’m going to share How to Move Data from iOS to Android Devices for you!!


How to Move Data from iOS to Android Devices

How to Move Data from iOS to Android Devices

How to Move Data from iOS to Android Devices

Move Photos Data

It  same as the Photos application to iCloud, Google would make back-up data from Google Photos to Google Drive.

Then, sign into your Google Photos and upload the whole picture of you to Google Drive. If an option to “Back Up And Sync”, swipe to the right and click “Continue”.


Transferring songs from iOS All Songs Andoird

To move songs to Android from iOS is a bit complicated. For that, go to the Google Music Manager account and sign in with your Google account.

After sign in, you will be given two options for uploading songs to Google Play or download. Select the first option.

The next step will appear to ask where your songs folder. If you use iTunes, select that option.

Press the “Continue” and the screen will display the number of songs that you saved. You can upload the whole song, or select some of them only.


Contacts and iMessage

3. Save Contacts

If you are’re using Android, all your contacts will be stored in your Google account. while iOS contacts you have stored in iCloud. and now iOS contacts already stored on your phone? Now you are just need to sync to iCloud.

First, go to “Settings” and choose “iCloud“. Make sure you are associated with the Apple ID and iCloud Contacts button has been activated. The export all contacts from iCloud, open a browser on a desktop or laptop to open and log in with your Apple ID.

Once entered, click the “Contacts” and you will see a similar view in the Contacts application on your iPhone. Click the gear icon located in the lower left corner to open the options.

Do not directly export it, make sure you are click on “Select All First” beforehand. Then click “Export vCard”.

Finally, imports of all your contacts to Google with Gmail, select “Mail” in the upper right of the screen and click on Contacts. Once the screen displays the contact, click the “Import Contact”. After that, select the file you just downloaded from iCloud and click import.

4. iMessage to SMS

iMessage is no stranger to those who using iPhone or iPad. If you move to Android without having turn it off, you will lose all short messages from other iMessage users.

Go to Settings on your iPhone and click “Messages”. Tap and disable iMessage. Once you finish, then you have completed the migration and are ready to experiment with Android devices.