Why Mobile Marketing Is Important For Every Business?

Why Mobile Marketing Is Important? – What exactly is Mobile Marketing? Mobile marketing advertising can be all types of advertising and marketing that use cell phone. Many individuals are convinced mobile marketing centers on text messaging, however it can also utilize voice messaging.

In many cases it also involves mobile landing pages, applications, and mobile websites that present coupons and discounts.

Utilizing mobile devices as marketing targets needs a little more thought than traditional email marketing. Text messages have a smaller character limit which requires more refined copywriting skills. Mobile messages need to be short and to the point.

Why Mobile Marketing Is Important For Every Business?

Why Mobile Marketing Is Important For Every Business

Why Mobile Marketing Is Important For Every Business

Importance of mobile advertising

There is no dispute about effectiveness of mobile marketing, many have discovered mobile marketing has a lot of benefits that at first are not obvious. Text messages are more personal and because of that people check and read them more often.

In most cases people only open their email once a day. As a matter of fact many people have given up their email address. However, the reality is 90% of Americans carry a cell phone.

Utilizing mobile marketing it is possible to get in touch with people nearly instantly. So, instead of hoping people log in to their email and somehow find your message as more important than the other hundreds of emails, you deliver a text message to their text messaging system. Which means there is a high probability they’ll see your message within several minutes.

Text Messaging for some – Voice Marketing for others

Voice marketing and text marketing can each be used effectively. One is not necessarily better than the other and each has merits depending on the intended population.

Using Voice Marketing

Using voice marketing utilizes recorded messages that are directed specifically to a person who picks up the phone or if nobody answers the phone, a voicemail message is left.

Its effectiveness is particularly useful for people who are over fifty, primarily because this age group has demonstrated they don’t use texting and prefer not to.

When your target market clearly does not use texting technology, voice marketing is the tool of choice. Now, instead of asking someone to access a website you invite them to come to you business or pick up the phone anal you. For the less technical savvy or for those who simple do not want to use texting voice marketing still reminds them to do business with your company.

SMS Text Messaging

Younger people tend to be more receptive to text messaging. If you are under forty there is a high probability you use text messaging, and even if you don’t use it day-to-day your phone still receives it and it’s easy for you to read it when it lands in the inbox.

SMS text messaging because of it ease of use and cost effectiveness is the marketing tool of choice for younger, forty-five and below tech enabled consumers and many business have found that using it gives them direct access to their customers and potential customers.