How to transfer iPhone contacts to Gmail

How to transfer iPhone contacts to Gmail – Contact considered part of the phone’s software is very important and for the same reason the user is using a variety of services to ensure that this data remains safe and secure phone. It is also worth noting that the best software in this case is that one that is not based on the fact that the software program based cloud can experience a lot of problems and issues including data theft and manipulation of any kind. It is need of the hour to ensure that the contact iPhone remains safe and secure at all times and the best choice in this case is Gmail when it comes to the well-known online services.

How to transfer iPhone contacts to Gmail

Backed by the power of Google Gmail has been regarded as the best and securest services all time. Not only your contacts, but also ensure that they remain in an environment that is safe, secure and risk free. It also makes the necessary changes to your contacts to ensure that people who save their face no problem in finding a particular item. Transferring contacts to Google’s iPhone is the best way to ensure that the options available in this case are fully exploited and people get the best results. Some of the techniques and detailed usage has been mentioned in this tutorial.

Sync iPhone contacts Gmail directly

It is simple and one-step process that will ensure that the contacts transferred to Gmail without interference from external applications and all the work done on the iPhone and the iPhone alone. The process to be followed are mentioned below.

Here is the process to be followed in this case to get the results in a way that is super fast and the coolest:

 The user needs to tap Settings> E-mail contacts and calendar to begin the process correctly when it comes to directly synchronize.

To export contacts from icloud it mybe easy beacause today you can use Gmail for the best tool.