Guide for Non-Toxic Pest Control

Guide for Non-Toxic Pest Control – These days there are more conventional products and chemicals for ridding yourself of annoying insects than ever, but they often contain harmful chemicals that the EPA says could affect your immune system, cause irritation to your skin and eyes, and even cause cancer. In fact, the Department of Health of New York has stated that storing, using, or disposing of these products could present risks to the health of your entire family. Today’s health conscious culture has taken steps to avoiding these problems by using natural pesticides. Think of this article as your natural pest control guide and you will be taking an important step for your family’s health.

Silverfish are fairly harmless creatures, but they can be annoying all the same. There are a few methods of natural insect control however that can make them history. There are some very safe vegetable based repellents that can really do the trick such as cucumber, rosemary, and cloves for example. You simply have to place pieces of them in your cabinets and closets and replace them with new ones once they dry out. In order to prevent them from coming back, this natural pest control guide recommends that you keep your wallpaper in good condition because they love to feast on the paste.

Guide for Non-Toxic Pest Control – The Best Way To Solve Pests Naturally

Guide for Non-Toxic Pest Control

Guide for Non-Toxic Pest Control

While most spiders are harmless, they are creepy nonetheless and can really spoil your day. You may want to consider leaving them alone to a certain extent because in many ways they are a form of natural pest control themselves as they are known for catching and eating insects. If you absolutely can’t stand them however, one foolproof and organic way of getting rid of them is to spray their webs and areas where they are commonly found with citrus spray. You can also help to keep them at bay by keeping your house tidy and picking up scraps of wood and cardboard which spiders love.

Of course no natural pest control guide would be complete without some helpful advice on how to deter the common housefly. You will find that citronella, pine oil, and eucalyptus are all natural pesticides that will keep flies away. In order to keep them out of your home for good, make sure that you keep your trash cans covered with tight fitting lids. Make sure any fruit you have sitting out is not getting spoiled either because that is a sure way to attract hungry flies.

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Finally, you can fend off ladybugs with eucalyptus, lavender, and Cedar-wood oils. They are pretty harmless, but in summer and spring they can sometimes gather around your windows. So make sure your bug screens are nice and tight so you can prevent them from getting in your home. Hopefully you have found the tips in this natural pest control guide to be effective at ridding your home of unwanted pests.