Effective Termites Treatment Options Naturally

Effective Termites Treatment Options – No matter how tiny termites may be, they can cause colossal damages to woods present in your house. It is ideal that you carefully rid this write up if you want to be conversant with various termites treatment options that can be very beneficial to you. Termites are a kind of pestilences that usually move from one place to another, and in the process demolishing whatever they find in their way. These pestilences, breed, nest and thrive in low moisture places.

Termites do not normally restrict their habitat to any single location; instead they keep on searching for new places all the time, and hence in the process destroy any wood that they come across. Let us now have a look at the various termite treatments options that can assist as in getting rid of termites.

Effective Termites Treatment Options

Effective Termites Treatment Options

Effective Termites Treatment Options

Tips for Termites Treatment:

The following are some of the effective and essential termites treatment tips that can be of great beneficial to you. They include;

  • Tip#1: Liquid Pesticides

Liquid pesticides also known as termiticides usually are of two types i.e. repellent and non repellant. The former is an effective product which when used prevents the invasion of termites in a house. The later normally works by destroying the termites that have infested the house.

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  • Tip#2: Termite Baits

Termite baits is among the popular techniques that are commonly being used for termite treatments. The good thing with such a product is that it does not cause any chemical contamination. Termite baits is not only more safe and effective, but also expensive. However, the quality of service you’ll get from it is worth its cost. Termite baits product has got systems in it that contains several plastic stakes that are inserted in the field near the house. These stakes have got growth inhibitors, which results in the eventual death of the termites.

  • Tip#3: Borate Treatment

This is another effective method that you can also rely on, in your attempt to get rid of termites. In this termite control technique, sodium borate that has been mixed with water is normally applied on all the wooden surfaces. Protozoa will then penetrate the termite’s digestive tract and break down the wood materials into nutrients. Sodium borate will in turn kill these protozoa and the termites will eventually starve to death.

  • Tip#4: Use of Fumigation

Unlike the other termite control methods, fumigation is the one that is commonly being used to combat the drywood termites. However, due to the fact that this method involves the use of concentrated gases like methyl bromide and sulfuryl fluoride, it is ideal it is done by a professional, as it can lead to very serious complications in your system. Let us now have a look at the various steps on how to control termite invasion.

How to Control Termites Naturally

• Do not let any water collect and stay stagnate around your home for long
• Properly maintain the drainage system of your house
• If you’ve got any wood furniture being exposed to moisture, ensure that you cover it using weather sealer
Last but not the least; it is my sincere hope that you will adhere to any of the above termites treatment option in your attempt to get rid termites.