Common Types of Termites in Riverside

Common Types of Termites in Riverside – A sweet home that you built with love and sweat, watching it being destroyed slowly in the hands of creatures that are a million times tinier than yourself, is an emotionally devastating experience. termites have been around for 250 million years, but that is simply not enough to justify there invasion of our houses. Yet, a termite infestation in Riverside is quite common, as well as in the rest of the United States. Although termites have more than four thousand species, not all of them account for pests. It is merely 10% of them which are infesting our homes and buildings in Riverside.

These colonial-creatures might look very tiny but they have an appetite of an ogre. They can eat twenty four hours a day for seven days a week. Together a colony can cost you 10 pounds of wood in a week. That is why timely extermination is really important. Before calling in for the extermination operation or doing it yourself, it is important to know the types of termites that you are dealing with. Commonly there are three types of termites that can create problems for you. They do have few distinct characteristics, but ultimately they will cause serious damage to your dwellings.

Common Types of Termites in Riverside

Types of Termites in Riverside

Types of Termites in Riverside

Drywood termites

If your sweet home in Riverside is infested by these pests, they are not only going to damage your lumber but wallpapers, plastics and fabric made from plants as well. They can attack even if you prevent your home from dampness and moisture.

This is because they don’t need moisture to survive. They can build their nests away from soil and damp places. If your indoor furniture is infested by termites, then most probably it is of this kind. They can slowly and secretly do the damage for two years before getting noticed. Read Also: Drywood Termites Information Types & Facts

Formosan Termites

These species have very organized colonies that can have up to 10,000 members. These colonies can grow up to three hundred feet long. Like bees, the inhabitants of these colonies are also classified into groups of workers, soldiers and the reproducers.

Formosans are most destructive ones but they are actually quite easily identified as they can grow up to half an inch long. However, they require damp places to grow and mostly grow over soil. Infestation can be avoided by keeping your house dry, especially the lumber. Although they are commonly found all over the US including Riverside, they actually entered the US along the supplies of troops after the World War II.

Subterranean Termites

These termites can form the largest and most destructive force against human houses. A single colony can have up to two million colonies, the largest of all known termites. Each termite can grow up to an inch long, big enough to see, and a bigger enough a problem to handle yourself. They can live in both damp areas under the soil and also dry areas above the surface. They will eat anything ranging from plastic to fabric. They won’t only destroy the lumber and furniture, but also the pipelines and floorings. Read Also: Understanding Subterranean Termites Facts, Identification, Characteristics

These are only a few common types of termites near Riverside and rest of the US. There are many others and each one needs a different kind of termite extermination, that is why it’s important to identify before you take action. JHT Pest Pro’s are professional experts who can deal with all your pest problems especially in Riverside. So, when prevention fails, the termite control professionals won’t.