Black Mold Removal Products

Black Mold Removal Products – If you have the greenish-black, slimy mold that smells like mildew, around areas with excess water or dampness, it is most likely Stachybotrys, or black mold. Its toxic spores are a potential health danger to you and your family, and must be removed, and prevented from coming back. It can cause anything from allergy symptoms to serious bronchial problems, and it likes to grow in porous cellulose materials, mainly wood, and wood products.

If there is not a lot of black mold in your house, you can spot clean, and minimize the spreading of black mold spores, but if you have had serious water damage left untreated, you will probably need the help of a contracted professional mold remediator.

Black Mold Removal Products

Black Mold Removal Products

Black Mold Removal Products

If you are cleaning the mold on your own, you can use a variety of substances found at home, and mix your own.

Some of these suggested products to remove black mold are:
• soap and water
• pure vinegar
• pure lemon juice
• chlorine bleach diluted with water
• hydrogen peroxide
• tea tree oil diluted with water
• boric acid

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There is an enormous selection of pre-mixed toxic black mold removal products that you can purchase from home supply stores, or hardware stores.
They can also be purchased at Amazon, and can be natural, organic, or eco-friendly, and vary in price ranges. The chemical in the product needs to “encapsulate mold spores” in order to keep them from returning. Encapsulation, in this sense, means that the chemical in the product deprives the mold from the nutrients or host that they need to survive. This is important, because after you take the time, effort, and money to clean the black mold, you do not want to see it return within a week.

Some products may just topically disinfect, yet not kill the mycilia, or roots of the mold, so it returns, even though you do not see it after cleaning. Porous materials are harder to clean than non-porous, and may need a different type of toxic black mold remover that is made specially for that type of surface or material.

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Certified, trained, experienced, and reputable toxic mold remediators test air quality and moisture levels of your home’s circulating air while checking for mold spores count.

They use High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration and negative air handlers to eliminate contaminated air, and to bring fresh air into your home. Professionals can also use biocides for toxic black mold removal. Chlorine bleach is a type of biocide, but its properties prevent it from soaking into the porous materials, so it will not kill the black mold, but will retard it.

Biocides cannot be purchased in stores, so if you want long lasting effects, the professionals will use products that are very potent, highly effective, and cannot be mixed on your own.

If you seek professional help, you may need to leave the residence for a short time while the chemical products are being used however, as they are harmful for unprotected humans and pets, when used in concentrated amounts.

The products used to remove toxic black mold will help to get rid of it for awhile, but will not last, unless you correct the problem which is making the correct environment for the growth of the mold. You can help to control the growth and infestation of black mold spores by dehumidifying, using HEPA filters when sweeping the carpet, sealing windows and doors securely, sanding wood that has been wet or damp, and using paints with a mold inhibitor.

The best product for mold is prevention, but if you do have black mold, there are many good products on the market, specifically for toxic black mold removal.