Black Mold Removal Cost – How Much You Can Pay For Mold Inspection

Black Mold Removal Cost – When your home has mold, it is important to remember that not all molds are toxic and hazardous. If you are dealing with toxic black mold, however, you must find a way to get rid of it for good, or you will be wasting your money. Simply killing the black mold with a cleansing solvent or topical chemical is not enough. If the chemicals and proteins in the roots or mycelia are still present, even the seemingly dead mold will come back, and spread.

Specifically, black mold removal cost will be most likely in the thousands of dollars, depending on certain factors. If you choose to research black mold removal companies, it will certainly have to be deemed an investment in your home, because it does cost a lot of money to make sure that the black mold is forever eliminated, and not just dead.

mold remediation steps – How Much You Can Pay For Mold Inspection

Black Mold Removal Cost - How Much You Can Pay For Mold Inspection

Black Mold Removal Cost – How Much You Can Pay For Mold Inspection

If you choose the less expensive option of cleaning the mold yourself, you risk the return of black mold in days or weeks.There are a number of variables in determining the cost of black mold removal.
If you do it yourself, mold removal products are available at Amazon, and range anywhere from five dollars to hundreds of dollars. If you choose bleach or boric acid, it will not cost as much as the high priced Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered fungicides and foggers/sprayers that you can buy in stores.

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Other variables to be included in the cost are what kind of mold it is, where it is located, why it began growing, or its cause, and how much area of your home is infested. These variables will not only determine whether you can get rid of the mold yourself, but will also determine the estimate of black mold removal companies.
If you decide that the black mold has spread throughout the home, or it is a job that you do not feel capable of trying, you will need to carefully research black mold removal companies, or mold remediators.

Make sure that they are specifically licensed for mold remediation, and that they are certified, experienced, have references, and have referrals available from the American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC).

It is recommended to first have a mold inspection completed, and also recommended that you choose a different black mold removal company to initally inspect the mold, than the company that you choose to actually remove the mold.

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This is due to conflict of interest issues. You do not want a company to state that you have black mold in order to get the contract, if the mold is not toxic, and you could have removed it yourself instead of hiring them. This is why a different company should be contacted to inspect and test the mold initially.

Black mold removal companies have several ways of charging for their services.
They may charge a flat fee based on the variables stated above, an hourly charge, a flat or hourly charge with pending extra charges included in the contract, or they may charge per process performed. What you will be paying for from a mold remediation company is:

• mold inspection – to determine if the mold is toxic black mold, and how much is involved
• mold sampling and testing – (usually sent to an independent laboratory) for verification and type of mold
• spore trap testing – taking air samples to determine spore count in the circulating air
• negative air machine- its use as well as filter cleaning and replacement, used to clean spore infested air
• chemicals used – to remove mold
• encapsulating coating – used to kill roots, crucial to removing black mold completely
• decontamination chamber – used to secure area infested with mold
• post-remediation testing – to make sure that the mold did not return (this may cost more, but it should definitely be covered in the contract)

Other things that the company pays for, but are included in your fees, are the cost of training technicians and their wages, insurance to cover the company from law suits, liability insurance for the technicians, specialized and expensive equipment use, and cleaning costs or replacement parts for their mold removal equipment.

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The expense of black mold removal by professional remediation is likely to be anywhere from $500 to $10,000 or more, depending on the variables.

Extra expenses will be the initial mold inspection, the cost of fixing the cause of the water damage, ventilation problem, or drainage malfunction, hotel and dining expenses when you relocate while the black mold removal is taking place, and ultimately the loss of value in your home if you disclose the previous black mold problem, before selling your home.

Black mold infestation can be very costly, and if there is structural damage to your home, due to the mold, it may be considered a total loss, because it would cost more to rid the home of the black mold, than the home is actually worth, materially speaking.It is a costly process. Because black mold is so toxic and dangerous to your family’s health, if you have the money to spend, and you find a reputable black mold removal company, it is well worth the comfort of knowing that the problem will not return in the future.