Termites Treatment Advantages And Disadvantages You Should Know

Termites Treatment – The horror and disgust you may be feeling right now after finding that you have horrid little termites eating your home. You need to realize firstly that termites are not a sign of dirt, so it has nothing to do with you or your home, it’s just they’ve found some wood they can eat and it happens to be your front porch or foundation.

There are a wide selection of termite treatments and preventative measures you can take to control these wood eating bugs from invading your home, but each comes with their own advantages and disadvantages.Often you may not even realize you have a termite problem until the world collapses, this may be a piece of furniture or a slab on your patio, but wood damage if the first sign that termites have arrived and before they build a nest and make a home in your beautiful house, you need to eradicate them.

Termites Treatment Advantages And Disadvantages You Should Know

Termites Treatment

Termites Treatment


What to Do

By now you’re probably in complete panic mode with the thought of these termites burrowing through your foundation, so the first step is to contact a termite treatment company to come in and evaluate the damage.

These termite specialists will come in and do an inspection. They will go through your whole house from attic to basement, outside and inside to find these horrid little wood eaters.

Using a professional company will give you peace of mind that when you do decide what action to take the termites are stopped in their tracks without being able to cause any further damage.

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Preventative Measures

There is no sure way to stop termites from moving in, though there are a few things you can be as a precautionary measure.

Have regular termite inspections carried out, if this is done on a regular basis you should catch these little wood eaters before they nest and multiply or before they do any serious damage.

Remove any old or dead wood away from your house and don’t leave trash lying around near the home. Keeping the exterior of your house wood free will help reduce this termite from moving in.

Termite Treatment Options

Every company offers different termite treatment options for you to choose from. The most popular is the termite sprays that they use around the property and under the structure.

Repellents are another widely used termite treatment which is a nerve poison and offers a complete barrier against termites, then there are the non-toxic and environmentally friendly bait traps, which entice the termites and catch them, though this may not work as quickly as you would like.

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Termites Treatment Advantages

The thought of termites eating your home is such a scary one and you probably want them gone straight away. The great thing about these treatments is they offer immediate protection, so you can go to sleep tonight knowing the termites are taken care of and your home is safe.

The treatments offer long term effects; they last for years, though regular inspections are still suggested.

With so many advantages to the termites treatments there are still disadvantages, but when you outweigh the advantages against termites in your home there is only really one option for you and that is treatment.

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The Disadvantages of Termites Treatment

In order to give you a true picture, offering you all the benefits and disadvantages is the only way for you to truly understand what these treatments do.

Of course if you do have termites, you don’t really have a choice except to terminate and use a termination company. The biggest disadvantage it that some treatments can take up to two months to fully eradicate the termites, which is a long time and they can do a lot of damage during that time.

In some cases holes may need to be drilled in the infested areas which can include the structure of your home, porch and slabs. Even though these holes are filled again, they will always leave a mark, but it is the only way to reach these pests some of the time.

If you look at the disadvantages of termite treatments and you consider that there really is no alternative if you are being infested by termites that are munching away at your foundations, do the disadvantages really matter? I wouldn’t think so.

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Next Step

The first step to termite treatment would be to have regular inspections carried out, this way they can be identified before they do any serious damage and treatment can be carried out immediately.

Don’t only ask one company for a quote, get a few quotes on various treatments to determine which the cheapest and best option for you is. You may prefer to stay environmentally friendly and if there wasn’t too much damage, you can choose the non-toxic baits that can take up to two months to fully eradicate these pests.

If your home is infested and these pests are chewing your structure, then the toxic sprays are the best solution. These sprays eradicate the problem straight away and are long lasting, which is highly advantageous to you.

While the repellants may seem a good way to eradicate the problem, this should be used after termination has been carried out to act as a preventative measure for the future. The biggest problem with the repellants is that even the most seasoned professional can leave a small gap while spraying. The termites can detect these repellents and make their way through the gaps, this cannot be helped, but hopefully this doesn’t happen to you.

All in all whether you need to have your house sprayed inside and out, upstairs and down or holes drilled into your building structure, the peace of mind you will enjoy once these pests are terminated is great.

People struggle with termite infestations on a daily basis and as mentioned before, you often only realize a problem when you move a piece of furniture or your patio starts crumbling, regular inspections and good termite treatment options can ensure that you don’t struggle with this problem on a constant basis.