Termite Pest Control Exterminator Atlanta

Termite Pest Control Exterminator Atlanta  – Cockroaches can adapt to an insanely wide array of environments and have successfully done so for the approximate 350 million years they have been in existence. Every aspect that encompasses the environment of the Atlanta Georgia area – warm temperatures and humid climates – attracts these unsightly, disease carrying pests. An Atlanta pest control contractor that is licensed by the State of Georgia has the training and equipment to properly and safely rid your commercial and residential property of roaches and other pests like termites and rodents.

Termite Pest Control Exterminator Atlanta

Termite Pest Control Exterminator Atlanta

Termite Pest Control Exterminator Atlanta

The German Cockroach can be quite difficult to eradicate due to their reproductive and foraging habits. Unlike other cockroach species, the German Roach will carry its eggs until the nymphs are hatched; this gives these nymphs a higher chance of survival. This type of cockroach species does not discriminate as to their food selections, including fermented beverages, crumbs, or glue.

American Cockroaches are generally found outside in damp, decaying wood and shady yard areas or inside crawl spaces, basements, floor drains, grease traps, bathtubs, and other dark and moist indoor locations. These roaches tend to come indoors during extreme weather conditions – heavy rainfall, dry spells, high temperatures, and low temperatures. Your local Atlanta cockroach pest control contractor can exterminate these insects and keep them from coming back.

Slightly smaller than the German Roach variety, the Smokey Brown Cockroach is also widespread in the South. Plants are the Smokey Brown’s favorite meal of choice; however, once these roaches move indoors, they will eat virtually any food, even decaying organic matter.

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Getting Rid of Cockroaches

The first line of defense is always proper home and building sanitation in conjunction with sealing all entry points such as wall cracks and leaky pipes. However, cleaning and sealing are usually not enough to get rid of cockroaches. Our Atlanta cockroach pest control technicians will point out things you can do to keep theses insects from becoming a problem again.

Cockroach traps are one of the available treatment options. These traps are placed flush along wall and cabinet crevices, trapping unsuspecting roaches on a sticky pad. Baits are another acceptable option; roach baits contain a special ingredient that will attract roaches into a container while the other ingredient, an insecticide, will be carried back to the entering roach’s nest. Insecticide sprays and dust are also other popular choices used in the pest control industry.

Atlanta Residential and Commercial Cockroach Control

There are several criteria home and business owners alike should consider when choosing a pest control company. First, a good company will provide a guarantee for rendered services. In addition, they will have an excellent track record with the Better Business Bureau and employees who receive appropriate pest control education updates. Finally, the company should be properly licensed and insured, even if a license and insurance are not required in their particular state of service.

Stop Damage Now

If you do not do so, the termites can demolish your home. You should not think about saving money at this point because these insects could cause you to lose your home. But, you should also not let someone talk you into jumping right into the situation without taking the time to evaluate what damage has already been done and what can be foreseen for the future.

The termite exterminator has a big job to do when the subterranean termites have already made nests and colonies underneath a structure, because the destruction has already begun. The subterranean termite is the most destructive and the hardest to find and there is more than one type. They are called subterranean due to the fact that their nests are underground.

We Kill The Colony

These termites live in colonies in the soil. The colonies contain three forms of these insects: reproductive, workers,and solders. Each individual in the three groups have numerous stages: the egg, and the larva which will turn into either a nymph or soldier; and the adult.

The adults then have three forms: primary, secondary, and tertiary reproductive. When they become reproductive they turn into winged insects and are referred to as swarming termites. They look something like flying ants. The workers in the colony are wingless and do all the work including feeding the others, grooming the queen, and escalating the nest. The soldiers defend the colony against ants. The reproductive termites do the obvious plus if the queen dies they will replace her.

Put Our Experience to Work Protecting You Home and Business

Our team is experienced in dealing with these horrible little pests and homeowners should let them handle the problem instead of trying to fix it themselves. The homeowner should get two or three different pest control companies to do inspections – we hope one of then is ours – and provide their professional opinions in writing.

These inspection reports should include: the exact location of active and inactive infestations; the type and number of treatments needed to control further damage; a drawn diagram of the structure to indicate the problem areas; and an estimate of the cost to get rid of these insects and any other pests they may discover including ants, rats and squirrels.

You should do some homework yourself on the types of treatments that might be needed. There will be decisions you have to make as to these treatments such as soil barriers versus a termite bait system or both and you need to know how to interpretate the termite exterminators recommendations.