Kill Termites Naturally : Best home remedy for termites

Kill Termites Naturally – Most pest control agencies would use proprietary chemicals to eradicate termites. While these may be effective, their effect on the environment and probable effect on your own health is something that is still being debated. So why not opt for more natural ways of tackling the termite problem. You would have some chemicals around the house and would probable need to add a few to this collection, if you want to tackle the termites yourself, instead of paying the high costs that most agencies charge.

Termites can become such a dangerous infestation, that there are instances of people having to leave their homes to get away from the termites. So you need to take action as soon as you spot these pests before they force you out of your home. Termites are known to drastically reduce the prices of homes, so if your home has this infestation, its value could only go down. And this could affect your mortgage and other conditions.

Kill Termites Naturally : Best home remedy for termites

Kill Termites Naturally

Kill Termites Naturally

Prevention is better than cure

Termites get into the house because of wood to soil contact, or wood to wood contact. If you have any such situation, move the furniture around, keeping your eye peeled for the pests. Construction lumber or firewood is one source of termites, and the storage of this is better far away from your house. Also make sure that the foundation of your house is a foot or so higher than the surrounding soil.

Inspect the areas around your house for possible termite nests. Sometimes these may be quite a distance from your house. If you do spot a likely termite nest, open up the ground with a shovel. Termites require moisture to survive and digging up the ground will dry it out and probably kill the termites.

If they do not die, dig still deeper and see if you can place some ants near the termites nest. They are natural enemies of the termites and will attack the females, thus preventing the termite population from increasing.

Add layers of sand around the house. Sand acts as a barrier to termites which they will not cross. See that there are no wet areas around your house, as the moisture helps termites to breed. So fix any leaky pipes or taps even if they are not in the house.

A serious termite infestation requires that you create a permanent barrier, by creating a trench around the problem area and filling it with sand. This would need to be done, even if it spoils the look of your lawn. You can always dress up the sand with pebbles or colored stone to give the whole thing an artistic touch.

Chemical treatment for termites

The tried and trusted work horse among household remedies is boric acid. Use a boric acid solution to treat wood before you bring it into the house. Spray the outer walls and areas of your house with a boric acid solution. If you do find an active termite colony, take pieces of wood (even firewood would do), soak them in boric acid and stick these all around the termite nest. The termites will first attack this wood and would die of the boric acid poisoning.

Heat solution for termites

One of the methods of killing termites is to raise the temperature in the places that they exist. Quite often a tent is placed over the affected areas, even around the whole house if necessary. The temperature in this tent is raised to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit by using portable heaters. This will kill the termites. However care has to be taken to see that other things in the house are also not affected by such raised temperatures, and therefore this is not a method that is extensively practiced.

Termites can always recur, and therefore constant vigilance is necessary to prevent this. This is also a reason why chemicals used by pest control agencies is not recommended, as repeated applications of these can affect the health of you and your pets and can even affect your water supply if you are dependent on a well.