How To Get Rid Of Mold in Your House

How To Get Rid Of Mold in Your House  – Mold in your home and not the kind that’s lurking on that loaf of long forgotten bread on the top of the refrigerator. The type of mold that you need to be concerned about is found in the caulking surrounding your tiles and tub and a bunch of places you’d be totally surprised about. If you’re looking to find out some information about where to look for mold, what’s causing it and how to rid of mold, keep reading. This is valuable information every homeowner needs to know.Mold spores are found in the atmosphere and all that’s required to begin the growing process is a touch of moisture and a food supply.

As far as a food supply goes, most common household surfaces are ripe with nutrients that mold requires to propagate and depending on how much dirt is also on the surfaces, it’s like adding gasoline to an already burning camp fire.

How To Get Rid Of Mold in Your House

How To Get Rid Of Mold in Your House

How To Get Rid Of Mold in Your House

Visually, mold has a whitish appearance, but can be black. Even is you can’t see mold, it’s pretty easy to find. Just follow your nose and it won’t take long to find a mold source. It has a distinctive musty and unpleasant smell and loves to grow on a variety of surfaces like drywall, paint, wood, wallpaper and just about any surface that holds a moderate amount of moisture. An easy example is a basement bedroom, ripe with damp carpet, wavy wet wallpaper and sticky furniture surfaces.

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Depending on the season, we all live in environments that tend to fluctuate from dry to damp, so if dampness is a catalyst for mold growth, how do you prevent your home from succumbing to it, and if your home is already inundated with it, how do you get rid of it?

Let’s take a look at three helpful ways to deal with mold:
Keep Things Clean: One of the most effective ways to help reduce the amount of mold in your home is to make sure you keep things clean. You’ll notice that we say “reduce” the amount of mold, because it’s impossible to be 100% mold free, but not impossible to keep levels at an infinitesimal level. An excellent cleaner that will control mold is a mixture of one (1) part chlorine bleach to four (4) parts water. If you want to create an all in one “cleaner” that will clean away grease and dirt (a fuel for mold growth), you can add detergent to the mixture. It’s important to note that if you are currently experiencing a case of mold in your home, that you explore either do-it-yourself mold cleaning kits or hire professional mold removal experts.

In cases where high levels of mold have been discovered, it’s extremely important to realize that once mold spores are disturbed and become airborne, they can enter the respiratory system and cause many health related issues such as asthma attacks, breathing difficulties or allergic reactions. In light of this, it’s extremely important to follow the directions in the self removal kits to the letter, or have a professional team handle the situation.

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Once a case of mold has been treated and removed, this cleaning mixture is an excellent way to prevent a re-infestation from taking hold again.Reduce Humidity: Keeping the air in your home at the right
humidity balance is a tricky thing to do, especially for those who live in climates that require homeowners to heat the air throughout the winter season. Compared to cold air, warm air contains much more moisture, so if you’re pumping your home full of heated air throughout the winter, you can expect a humid environment that is ripe for mold growth. This situation is something that homeowners in dry climates such as Arizona don’t need to be as concerned about.

These regions rely on air conditioners to pump in cooled air into their homes. The air conditioners suck the humidity out of the air prior to pumping in the cool, dry air into the house. I’m sure your familiar with seeing air conditioners dripping tons of water outside as they condense the humid warm air into cool, dry air.

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Another great way to reduce humidity in the air is by using a fan to increase air circulation. A home without adequate air circulation and ventilation can hold on to a whopping three (3) gallons of water each and every day from standard everyday things like cooking and showering.
Upgrade Your Insulation: Interior walls that are inadequately insulated are a haven for mold because they can become colder than the air inside the home and moisture will form on the walls. Corners and underneath windows are also another favourite place for mold to accumulate. Damp, humd air tends to form on cold windows and this causes a frost to form.

Based on the temperature of the house inside and the outside temperature, a cycle of freezing and defrosting happens. During this freezing and defrosting situation, the melting water will drip down below the window and onto the wall underneath the window causing a rotting process to happen and an ideal environment for mold to grow and hide.

As preventative measures, following the above three (3) pieces of advice are highly effective ways to limit the levels of mold in your home. If you have recently had mold removed from your home by yourself or a professional company, implementing a regime that incorporates the above advice will help maintain a minimal level of mold and stop any acceptable levels from rapidly growing out of control.By doing tips above may help you to get rid of black mold in your house