Effective Termite Elimination Products – Termite Control Methods

Effective Termite Elimination Products  РTermite elimination procedures go beyond termite prevention and control techniques by ensuring that termites are totally eradicated and prevented from coming back to infest your home and environment. Termite elimination procedures starts with the clearing of debris ,weeds and unused wooden materials from the environment before any termite elimination chemicals are used.

Termite elimination can be done with the use of Termiticides. These are soil treatment chemicals which eliminates termites in the soil, especially when such termites feed on food derived from a treated soil or when they come in contact with such termiticide treated soil. Apart from termiticides, several baiting systems are available for termite elimination. Baiting treatment eliminates termites especially when structures have become untreatable or when soil treatments seem to be ineffective in destroying termites.

Effective Termite Elimination Products

Effective Termite Elimination Products

Effective Termite Elimination Products

Some effective termite elimination products include; termite eliminating aerosols, termite dusts, Termite Trebor plugs for concrete hole treatments, termite insecticides, and termite granules. Termite granules are used in termite elimination processes because they are non-repellent and can work very well with other termiticides, there is no need for mixing or extra setup, just apply them directly to termite infested areas.

Termite insecticides are termite elimination chemicals that contain Borate mixtures which has a very high soil penetration power, they are economical and need to be diluted before their application to the soil or any other structure. Termite insecticides are odourless, less expensive and very effective, they are colourless and their rapid movements over structures and soil makes them to eliminate termites at a very high speed.

Termite dusts and termite elimination treatments that are chemical in nature. They are long term residual dusts that destroys all forms of crawling insects including Termites. They absorb moisture, they are non staining, odourless ingredient that can be effective for more than 7 months.

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Termite elimination aerosols are very effective in the treatment of cracks and crevices along a structure. They are also suitable while eliminating termites in food areas, they have better spray dispersions and are economical. They can be sprayed upside down or right-side up with no leakages.